BCC provides support to staff at partner central banks to undertake research that contributes to partner central banks’ priorities. ​BCC provides research support either in person at the Graduate Institute, Geneva with the researcher visiting the Graduate Institute, Geneva for a semester (visiting programme) or through remote research coaching by a professor (coaching programme).

Visiting Programme

Annually, one candidate can participate in the visiting programme at IHEID for the duration of one semester. The candidates will take part of an in-residence training programme that combines research work under the supervision of a faculty member in house or an external expert, with participation in courses at IHEID. It additionally allows for candidates to participate in external trainings (e.g. Study Center Gerzensee) and to visit other relevant institutions such as SNB, BIS, FINMA, SECO, subject to availability and approval by these external partners.

Coaching Programme

Annually, two candidates can participate in the coaching programme for the duration of one semester. The candidates complete their research while continuing to work at the central banks, and receive remote support from a faculty member from IHEID or an external expert.

Past Papers