10th Annual Conference 2022 – Is inflation back, and in which form?

10th Annual Conference 2022 – Is inflation back, and in which form?

DAY 1  September 22, 2022

POSTER session

Hager Ben Romdhane, Central Bank of Tunisia

Alan Ledesma, Carlos Montoro, Central Reserve Bank of Peru

Meri Papavangjeli, Bank of Albania

Antonio Musa, Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tural Yusifzada, Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan

WORKSHOP 1: Monetary policy spillovers

  • Spillover effects of ECB policies in a SoE framework

Bledar Hoda, bank of albania

Martha López, Norberto Rodríguez, Miguel Sarmiento, Central Bank of Colombia

Comments by: Rebecca Stuart, University of Neuchâtel

WORKSHOP 2: Inflation

Gent Sejko, Altin Tanku, Bank of Albania

  • Money growth and inflation in Tunisia: New evidence from a wavelet analysis

Zied Jaidi, Souhaib Zardi, Central Bank of Tunisia

Tetiana Yukhymenko, National Bank of Ukraine

Comments by: Cedric Tille, BCC & Geneva Graduate Institute

WORKSHOP 3: Measuring economic activity in turbulent times

Mihnea Constantinescu*, Kalle Kappner**, Niko Szumilo***, National Bank of Ukraine*, Humboldt University Berlin**, University College London***

Comments by: Ugo Panizza, Geneva Graduate Institute

DAY 2  September 23, 2022

Setting the stage: An overview of recent research

KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Franziska Ohnsorge, The World Bank

POLICY PRESENTATION: Federico Sturzenegger, Harvard Kennedy School, Former Governor Central Bank of Argentina

POLICY PANEL 1: How global is inflation?

Chair: Alexandre Swoboda, Geneva Graduate Institute

POLICY PANEL 2: Understanding inflation expectations

Chair: Charles Wyplosz, Geneva Graduate Institute

POLICY PANEL 3: Heterogeneous impact of inflation

Chair: Nathan Sussman, Geneva Graduate Institute